Checklist – What to do before you go on Holiday.

You’re going on holiday in a couple of days, you can’t wait.  But before you can relax there’s a massive list of things to do, things that need to be packed, people you need to speak to. Where to start? Fluxlist can help you order and prioritise these tasks, reminding you that you are in control of the situation and it means you won’t start your holiday with ridiculously high stress levels.

PackingSo what’s on your list? Firstly, make sure you know all of your travel plans and where your tickets, passports and other travel documents are.  Create an itinerary on Fluxlist, specifying flight times, flight numbers, emergency contacts, hotel name and telephone number.  The beauty of doing this on Fluxlist is that you can access your lists any time, anywhere and there is no danger of losing anything! Note down a few places of interest that you would like to visit on your trip, maybe create a scrapbook entry which will also help you get a feel for the place you are visiting and will get you in the holiday mood.

Think about how you are going to get around when you are on your holiday. If you’re going abroad, have you arranged an airport transfer? Staying in the UK – do you need a hire care and if so do you mind what you hire or do you want to make sure it is the most efficient lease car out there? Plan in advance by listing your travel arrangements, including names and numbers of your hire car company, airport taxi, train or air company.

Remember to inform your credit card company that you are going abroad. Many credit card companies will flag an issue on your account if there are suddenly payments being made in another country and they don’t know about it.  Better for you to have told them, than to suddenly have your card denied because they fear it could be a victim of fraud. Whilst on the subject of money, also consider where you will exchange your money if you need foreign currency.  Don’t leave it as a last minute decision and be forced to exchange at the airport, conversion rates will be a lot higher here and lets face it we could all do with saving a bit of money wherever we can.

Perhaps the most daunting list of all is the packing list.  It is all too easy to pack more than you need, but with most airlines charging fees for luggage that is over their weight limit it is worth taking stock and seriously considering whether five pairs of shoes is entirely necessary.  Think ahead to the type of holiday you are going on.  It mainly boils down to the weather conditions; will it be hot, cold, likely to rain? Check the weather forecast and pack according to this but also consider whether you will need footwear suitable for walking, will you need evening wear, beachwear etc. Most things like sun lotion, shower gel and other toiletries can all be bought when you reach your destination. These items are all fairly heavy which means you will then be limited on what other items you can pack, they also run the risk of leaking over the rest of your suitcase contents.  Use Fluxlist to create a shopping list of things you will need to buy when you reach your destination.

If you have pets, you will need to plan where and who will be looking after them when you are away.  Keep phone numbers of petsitters, kennels, catteries and vets with you as this will be essential should an emergency arise or you have been delayed and need to keep them informed.

greek-islands-holiday-checklist350Finally, remember to ask a neighbour if they can put  your bins out, water your plants, collect your post and to generally keep any eye on your property whilst you are away. If you have a good relationship with them, entrust them with a spare door key. Not only will this help them do the tasks above more easily, but if you get back from your holiday and realise that you have packed your own set of keys at the very bottom of your suitcase, or worse, lost or had them stolen on holiday, it makes life a lot easier knowing you can pop next door and use the spare.

If your lists are all in order, you will get your pre-holiday jobs done in no time and you will be able to relax a lot sooner and enjoy your time away without worrying whether you’ve shut the windows, turned the taps off or forgot your passport.  Fluxlist will do it all for you.


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