Fluxlist – Your Online Filofax

Who doesn’t love a good list? They are essential for the smooth running of day to day life and many of us enjoy that euphoric sense of satisfaction when we complete a task and tick it off the list.  But what do you do when the lists take over? Suddenly you’ve got daily to do lists, present lists, shopping lists, work lists, school lists, homework lists, list of lists and the list goes on and on……….!

Fluxlist has the answer.

Bringing all your lists together into one platform, it will do the hard work for you. Allowing you to set priorities, meaning you get to complete the most urgent of tasks first, you can list your tasks on a calendar, set a deadline time or date and even set it up to alert you when that time is drawing near.  Fluxlist is a bespoke service which can be built up to suit your needs and to make sense of the chaos that is spiraling round your head. There is no longer the need for you to carry around that battered old filofax, with it’s dog eared pages falling out, scribbled work notes amidst doodles from your children.  Now you can access it all on your phone, laptop or tablet.

You can set up your Fluxlist so that it can be made private or public.  There may be some things that are for your eyes only, but then there may be other lists that would benefit from other people’s input.  For example, you need to compile a list of present ideas for Christmas, no problem. Create a list on Fluxlist, add links to bookmark some of those present ideas, send out wishlist ideas to other members of your list.  As members of that list, you are all able to keep tabs on who has bought what meaning Great Aunt Tabitha doesn’t end up with two copies of ‘Fifty shades of grey‘!

Fluxlist will also archive all of your lists meaning you can refer back to them at any time. This is particularly useful when, say for example, you have set up a food shopping list.  If you tend to buy the same things, you can refer back to your list and use it to reorder your items for your next shop.

Another, great feature of Fluxlist is the memento section.  This has more of a scrapbook feel to it, allowing you to store images of your children’s drawings, school reports, things they’ve made, birthday cards you’ve received or for noting down funny things they’ve said.  We all love being given drawings from our children or various things they’ve made out of cereal and egg boxes, but there is only so much of this that you can keep without your house looking like a recycling centre. Instead, take a photo of the item and keep it forever on Fluxlist.

Don’t let the lists take over – let Fluxlist do it for you!


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