Top 10 characteristics of a Great Nanny

Its not easy to know what to look out for when you’re hiring a new nanny. There are so many crucial things to take into account, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the process. Below you will find what we at Fluxlist think are the top ten characteristics that quality Nanny’s always hold, and are arguably crucial for any Nanny you may hire.

By using this list as a guide, you may find the process somewhat less daunting. To take the stress out of the process entirely, we do recommend hiring a Specialist Nanny Agency that has proven experience in hiring Nannys for all budgets. This one based in London, we hear, is one of the best around:

  1. Genuine Love of children.
  2. Consistently Enthusiastic.
  3. Fun – childhood should be all about fun!
  4. Nurturing.
  5. Common sense.
  6. Punctual.
  7. Trustworthy.
  8. Flexible.
  9. Honest & Communicative.
  10. Reliable.

By paying attention to all of the characteristics above, you will not only get the best experience for your children, but you yourself will be able to relax safe in the knowledge that the relationship will be as healthy as it can be!


More info and with thanks to Nanny Classifieds for the inspiration!

For further ideas, check out the video below

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Checklist – What to do before you go on Holiday.

You’re going on holiday in a couple of days, you can’t wait.  But before you can relax there’s a massive list of things to do, things that need to be packed, people you need to speak to. Where to start? Fluxlist can help you order and prioritise these tasks, reminding you that you are in control of the situation and it means you won’t start your holiday with ridiculously high stress levels.

PackingSo what’s on your list? Firstly, make sure you know all of your travel plans and where your tickets, passports and other travel documents are.  Create an itinerary on Fluxlist, specifying flight times, flight numbers, emergency contacts, hotel name and telephone number.  The beauty of doing this on Fluxlist is that you can access your lists any time, anywhere and there is no danger of losing anything! Note down a few places of interest that you would like to visit on your trip, maybe create a scrapbook entry which will also help you get a feel for the place you are visiting and will get you in the holiday mood.

Think about how you are going to get around when you are on your holiday. If you’re going abroad, have you arranged an airport transfer? Staying in the UK – do you need a hire care and if so do you mind what you hire or do you want to make sure it is the most efficient lease car out there? Plan in advance by listing your travel arrangements, including names and numbers of your hire car company, airport taxi, train or air company.

Remember to inform your credit card company that you are going abroad. Many credit card companies will flag an issue on your account if there are suddenly payments being made in another country and they don’t know about it.  Better for you to have told them, than to suddenly have your card denied because they fear it could be a victim of fraud. Whilst on the subject of money, also consider where you will exchange your money if you need foreign currency.  Don’t leave it as a last minute decision and be forced to exchange at the airport, conversion rates will be a lot higher here and lets face it we could all do with saving a bit of money wherever we can.

Perhaps the most daunting list of all is the packing list.  It is all too easy to pack more than you need, but with most airlines charging fees for luggage that is over their weight limit it is worth taking stock and seriously considering whether five pairs of shoes is entirely necessary.  Think ahead to the type of holiday you are going on.  It mainly boils down to the weather conditions; will it be hot, cold, likely to rain? Check the weather forecast and pack according to this but also consider whether you will need footwear suitable for walking, will you need evening wear, beachwear etc. Most things like sun lotion, shower gel and other toiletries can all be bought when you reach your destination. These items are all fairly heavy which means you will then be limited on what other items you can pack, they also run the risk of leaking over the rest of your suitcase contents.  Use Fluxlist to create a shopping list of things you will need to buy when you reach your destination.

If you have pets, you will need to plan where and who will be looking after them when you are away.  Keep phone numbers of petsitters, kennels, catteries and vets with you as this will be essential should an emergency arise or you have been delayed and need to keep them informed.

greek-islands-holiday-checklist350Finally, remember to ask a neighbour if they can put  your bins out, water your plants, collect your post and to generally keep any eye on your property whilst you are away. If you have a good relationship with them, entrust them with a spare door key. Not only will this help them do the tasks above more easily, but if you get back from your holiday and realise that you have packed your own set of keys at the very bottom of your suitcase, or worse, lost or had them stolen on holiday, it makes life a lot easier knowing you can pop next door and use the spare.

If your lists are all in order, you will get your pre-holiday jobs done in no time and you will be able to relax a lot sooner and enjoy your time away without worrying whether you’ve shut the windows, turned the taps off or forgot your passport.  Fluxlist will do it all for you.


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Fluxlist – Your Online Filofax

Who doesn’t love a good list? They are essential for the smooth running of day to day life and many of us enjoy that euphoric sense of satisfaction when we complete a task and tick it off the list.  But what do you do when the lists take over? Suddenly you’ve got daily to do lists, present lists, shopping lists, work lists, school lists, homework lists, list of lists and the list goes on and on……….!

Fluxlist has the answer.

Bringing all your lists together into one platform, it will do the hard work for you. Allowing you to set priorities, meaning you get to complete the most urgent of tasks first, you can list your tasks on a calendar, set a deadline time or date and even set it up to alert you when that time is drawing near.  Fluxlist is a bespoke service which can be built up to suit your needs and to make sense of the chaos that is spiraling round your head. There is no longer the need for you to carry around that battered old filofax, with it’s dog eared pages falling out, scribbled work notes amidst doodles from your children.  Now you can access it all on your phone, laptop or tablet.

You can set up your Fluxlist so that it can be made private or public.  There may be some things that are for your eyes only, but then there may be other lists that would benefit from other people’s input.  For example, you need to compile a list of present ideas for Christmas, no problem. Create a list on Fluxlist, add links to bookmark some of those present ideas, send out wishlist ideas to other members of your list.  As members of that list, you are all able to keep tabs on who has bought what meaning Great Aunt Tabitha doesn’t end up with two copies of ‘Fifty shades of grey‘!

Fluxlist will also archive all of your lists meaning you can refer back to them at any time. This is particularly useful when, say for example, you have set up a food shopping list.  If you tend to buy the same things, you can refer back to your list and use it to reorder your items for your next shop.

Another, great feature of Fluxlist is the memento section.  This has more of a scrapbook feel to it, allowing you to store images of your children’s drawings, school reports, things they’ve made, birthday cards you’ve received or for noting down funny things they’ve said.  We all love being given drawings from our children or various things they’ve made out of cereal and egg boxes, but there is only so much of this that you can keep without your house looking like a recycling centre. Instead, take a photo of the item and keep it forever on Fluxlist.

Don’t let the lists take over – let Fluxlist do it for you!


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What do you want to be when you grow up?

So, this is the question my son came home with for his homework challenge this week and it really got me thinking.  I remember myself as a child swinging between wanting to be a bus driver then a vet then onto wanting to be a top journalist. It’s funny how it can change so much, based on what you enjoy doing at the different stages of your life.  I still have my own piece of writing from school stating that I wanted to be a bus driver because, and I quote, “you get to travel a lot whilst talking to people and smiling”. I also remember doing work experience at a local vets for my Duke of Edinburgh Award, which involved the rather gruesome task of taking a Yorkshire Terrier’s temperature – for those wishing to go into a veterinarian career, please let me be the first to warn you that the thermometer does not go under it’s tongue or armpit! I am still reeling from the shock of having to insert it into that dogs bottom, although perhaps not as much as the dog itself!

iStock_000016289740XSmall-Child-occupationsI have got lots of little mementos charting my own career history, including past wage slips, various training certificates and even articles that I have written which have been published.  They are scattered around the house in various memory boxes and scrapbooks, probably growing mildew on them as we speak, and quite frankly using up precious space that I simply cannot afford to be using. But here’s where Fluxlist comes in. I can take photos of all these things and save them in my own personal scrapbook online.  I am much more likely to look at them, because they’re easy to access and they are stored forever in a safe environment.

So anyway, back to this homework question: What do you want to be when you grow up? I sat down with my son and asked him this question, expecting the answer to be something along the lines of football player or policeman. How wrong was I! He sat back, folded his arms and said with a very serious look on his face, “Mummy, I have thought about this long and hard and I really want to change the tires on forklift trucks”. Well I was not expecting that, I can tell you.

In an article published in the Daily Mail, 1 in 5 children between the ages of five and ten said that they just “want to be rich” when they grow up. Other popular answers included:  police officer, zoo keeper, fire fighter, bus driver and vet.  Hmm so I truly did fit into the stereotypical dream career choices when I was younger. It actually made me quite proud to think that my son had thought so hard about his choice and had come up with something as specific and unique as a forklift truck tire fitter.

Have a think back to what you wanted to be when you were younger.  Did you fulfil your dream?  Why not create a Fluxlist as a memento to look back on and show your children when they start to consider their own career options.


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